Erin Robinson is one of the most interesting, rising talents in Hollywood. Erin is a North Carolina native, with a burning passion for everything "entertainment" which led her into a career as a entertainment host. She's a bona fide junkie in music, pop culture, fashion, and film, and spends her spare time googling things like "Who is Honey Boo Boo" and "How to be Barbara Walters in 30 days or less."

Erin has a natural way of relating to almost anyone. She has worked in almost every industry imaginable, with the exception of porn, which needed to be clarified since she does live in the San Fernando Valley. She has performed on cruise ships, sold California real estate, received EMT training, cleaned up vomit from college campus grounds, perfected the pageant wave as Miss Malibu USA, and sold drugs (legally of course). All of which brought her to the height of her journey as a TV and web host. That's a natural progression, right?

Erin is a bit of a rebel by nature. Her dad worked in broadcast journalism for fifteen years, and would haul mini Erin in the news van around town while he "story chased" where she truly watched breaking news "live" from the back seat. She would also take her coloring book and play under the news desk, making faces at the anchors while they shot live daily shows. She was always impressed at their focus because no matter how silly her face was, they never broke character.

With a full ride scholarship in hand to The University of North Carolina and all of the opportunity it provided, Erin went against her dad's wishes, passing on the family business. Instead of a study in journalism, Erin thought she wanted to save lives and went on a pre-med track instead and also simultaneously studied to be a part-time EMT. While in college, Erin was hired to host and co-produce a community TV show where she fell in love with the business, and quickly realized that her dad was right. This wouldn't be the last time she thought this.

Today, Erin is a freelance entertainment host and on-air personality. She's a weekly entertainment reporter at Clevver Media (which was most recently acquired by Alloy Digital), and it is the number one most viewed entertainment network on YouTube. With them Erin has covered breaking news in movies, music, news and even on their style channel. Erin has covered everything from working the red carpet at the Oscars to fist bumping Tyler Perry at press junkets.

When Erin isn't mic checking or chasing down the next big news story, she loves to sing and write music, and is currently writing and producing a sophomore album. She also has been a philanthropist of sorts for over a decade assisting in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for children's charities and most recently contributed to raising over $20,000 to The Matthew Shepard foundation.

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